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Bible and Personal Enrichment Courses

Encompass Church holds various courses to advance your insight into the Christian Faith and to foster your relationship with Jesus Christ. We’re committed to helping everyone to understand God and His Word and help people advance in their faith.


Alpha is an opportunity for you to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over seven thought provoking weekly sessions. The course includes a day trip away.


Essentials is designed for new Christians, or for those wanting to gain deeper insight into some essential Christian teachings over four weekly sessions.


Emerge is designed for Christians who want to grow in their leadership, character, skills and capacities for use in a Christian or secular context. Emerge is run as a Saturday intensive.

Power of Partnership

This course uncovers the heartbeat and DNA of Encompass Church. You‘ll understand our church’s purpose, vision, core values and heritage and have an opportunity to apply to be a church partner.

Prepare: Pre-Marriage Counselling Course

The Prepare Pre-Marriage Course is designed for engaged couples or couples considering marriage who want to develop strong foundations for healthy relationships. Some of the important topics we cover are: dealing with conflict, communication, family and friends, financial management, relationship roles, sexual expectations etc. The Prepare Pre-Marriage Course is run ‘one on one’ with a facilitator and is tailored for each individual couple.

Alpha: Marriage Counselling Course

The Alpha Marriage Course is a short 7-week course, where couples sit together. You’ll watch a short video and we’ll talk about topics such as the art of communication, the power of forgiveness, and the impact of family-past and present.

These nights are set up as a ‘date night’ for couples and people of all ages and backgrounds to attend.

Parenting Children

A couple of times a year, we hold either a parenting seminar or a parenting course, to assist parents in their invaluable role in bringing up young men and women in a changing world.

Want to know more about Encompass Church courses?

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