creative kidz

What is Creative Kidz?

Creative Kidz is a fun program for primary-school-aged children, run by Encompass Church, whereby they can develop the creative skills that God has given them, in a fun, relaxed, Christian environment.

Creative Kidz is taught and run entirely by volunteers from Encompass church. The volunteer teachers have had various training and experience in their field of expertise. All teachers and helpers on the Creative Kidz team each have a current Working with Children Check. The program is run at the church every Monday night from 6 to 7pm during the school term.

All children participate in age-relevant aspects of dance, drama and singing throughout the whole year. This will hopefully provide the children new ways to explore and experience different areas of the creative arts, to apply the skills learned and a chance to perform live on stage!

We currently have 2 classes running:

1) Preps to Grade 2 – Focus will be on confidence-building activities, role play, basic vocal warmups, simple movement and coordination routines.

2) Grade 3 to Grade 6 – Focus will be on expanding the learning in more drama techniques, role play, reading scripts, puppets, singing basic harmony, group singing and basic dance choreography routines.

The children have many opportunities throughout the year to grow in their performance experience by participating in various special events being held at Encompass Church, such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.


How much does it cost?

The cost for your child to attend the program is $40/semester or $50/family per semester

We collect fees so that we can run the program effectively – using them to purchase music, scripts, costumes, props, folders and anything else that is needed for this ministry.

If you wish to consider enrolling your child in Creative Kidz for next term please register online or complete and sign the Creative Kidz Enrolment Form.

If you have any further questions or enquiries about the Creative Kidz program or about Encompass Church, please contact Joan Sison on 0438 347 939.