Welcome to Encompass Church

A place to belong.


Why “Encompass” Church?

Formally known as Northside Christian Church for over 60 years, the church was recently renamed Encompass Church to represent three key aspirations:

  1. We include comprehensively: We are a church that demonstrates God’s unconditional love to others so that they are accepted and belong in community.
  2. We completely surround and encircle: We place a high priority on creating an environment where people can become fully devoted disciples of Christ, achieving everything God has destined for their lives.
  3. We move forward into new territory: We are a movement of people increasing in influence, spreading out and growing in many different directions by seeing people make decisions to believe and live fully for Jesus Christ.

Read more about Encompass Church History, Beliefs and Vision here.


We’re a contemporary Christian church that believes in Jesus and that loves God and all people – regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or class. We encompass the rich and the poor, the educated and uneducated, people from every part of the world and every age group. All are welcome at Encompass!

In response to the grace and love that we’ve found in Jesus, we have an all consuming passion to build a strong church in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and to be a light in our community, our city and the wider world.

Your first time at Encompass Church?

We know that visiting a church can sometimes be intimidating, so at Encompass Church we make it a priority to make you feel welcome, comfortable and loved. Whether it’s your very first time, or you’ve recently started attending, we want to welcome you and help you feel connected and involved.

Want some company on your first visit? Please book your visit online by Friday before 10am so we can organise someone to meet you before the service and to show you all that Encompass Church has to offer.

Book your first visit now or you can call our office on 03 9467 6777.