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We’re All In This Together

Posted 3.09.2015



Our preaching series in the month of August was on RELATIONSHIPS AND MARRIAGE.  As a Bible believing church we really want to see families, marriages and relationships strengthened across our church because we are seeing society stepping up and being a loud voice of what these should look like.

A few months ago, there was a website that was hacked. It had information about its clients who secretly go onto this website to find a partner, even though they are already married. These clients are now nervous that their secrets maybe be broadcast around, causing shame and breakup. How sad, that people would even be looking for a relationship outside of their marriage. As a church, we place value on men and women who as a couple, make a commitment to marriage, for life. We pray for and support them in this role.

In August ran the ‘Alpha marriage and pre-marriage’ courses with the aim of strengthening these relationships. We encourage you to attend this course in the future if you are married. You may have a fantastic marriage, but relationships could always be bettered. Possibly, things are not so good, but this course helps you together, to explore some good things to put in place and help you identify the areas that are a road block for you in proceeding forward.

For those in our church who are single (whether single again, younger or older) our desire is to see you in healthy God breathed relationships, that you are content in your season and loving life. We believe that we can find completion in Jesus and being married isn’t the place for having a fulfilled life. The healthier we are, in knowing ‘who and Whose we are’ the stronger all the relationships in our life will be. It is learning contentment in Christ.

Philippians 4:11 (NLT) Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.

Families are the mainstay of our society and the church should be leading the way in this regard, not perfect but allowing God to help us do life in the right and proper way. On the 9th August, we celebrated FAMILY DAY and it was one of the year’s best highlights! The Worship and Creative Team along with a number of volunteers surprised the congregation with a Flashmob number, ‘We’re All in This Together’. There was so much excitement, joy and fun in the house! Church has changed and as you invite and bring people, they will experience the love and life changing message of Jesus for themselves.

Click here to watch a special Family Day video presentation.