Guest Speakers.

We have the privilege of having incredible pastors and leaders from
all around the world share a word with our church.
Catch up on their messages below!

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Ps Joel Chelliah
Injustice: How do I Respond (14/06/2020)

Dr Allan Meyer & Helen Meyer
When You Want it to Last (26/07/2020)

Ps James Aiton
I'm With the Two (13/09/2020)

Ps Alun Davies
The Unchanging Constant (25/10/2020)

Ps David Doery
What Have We Learnt? (20/12/2020)


Ps Nadia Clarke
What Are You Entertaining? (28/03/2021)


Ps Joel Ramsey
Supernatural Peace in the Process (18/04/2021)


Ps Joel Ramsey
Active Christianity (18/04/2021)


Ps Margaret Stunt
What Has God Given Us? (02/05/2021)