When do we head back to Church?

Face to face services will be resuming on December 6th.  We will have two weeks of unlimited services (Dec 6th and 13th) and from Dec 20th onwards we will return to running two services 9am and 11am until January 2021. This will enable our teams to prepare for 2021 and all the big things ahead!

Is Mernda running their own service?

Currently Encompass Church Mernda will not be returning for face to face services until the new year.

All Mernda church members are invited to attend Encompass Church Bundoora for any face to face services. Look out for communication from Ps Mark and Ps Gianna for further Mernda updates!

Will Church continue to run online?

Church online will run at 9am which is a live stream of the face to face 9am service. From there, you can watch the 9am service ON DEMAND.

What if we choose to watch church online and not attend Church? 

We understand that not everyone is ready to return to face to face services, and we respect this decision! We would encourage you to gather with your life group face to face and remain connected with your church family!

How many services will there be?

Dec 6th & 13th – unlimited services with 9am online service

Dec 20th onwards – 9am and 11am with 9am online service

Can I attend more than one service?

Due to current restrictions only allowing 150 people inside the church building, we do ask that unless you are serving, you choose one service to attend.  This will allow someone else to have a seat in the service!  Thank you for helping us help others step into the presence of God!

Will church be held inside or outside?

Our face to face services will be running inside the church auditorium.

How many people can attend church face to face from one household?

Your entire household can attend church.

Can you run an evening service?

From Dec 20th we will only be running a 9am and 11am service. This allows our volunteers to manage their time during this season and also head into 2021 with full strength and capacity.

How many people are allowed to gather together face to face in the auditorium?

As per current DHHS guidelines, we are allowed to have 150 people on church grounds (inside, outside, inclusive of children > 12 months) gathering.  This number also includes the number of pastors and volunteers required to run a service.


How do I register?

All registrations will happen via the Church Center App. For more details please refer to the manual at www.encompass.org.au/register .  If you require assistance with the registration process, please call 0404 033 456

Can my children attend eKids?

Yes, all children can attend eKids, however they must be registered to attend. Please ensure you also register yourself for the service in the auditorium.

How do I register my children  for eKids?

E kids are registered via the same link as adults. Please ensure you choose ‘eKids attendee’ when prompted when adding children to the event.

Can I still invite family/friends to our face to face services?

Yes you can! Please direct them to this page: www.encompass.org.au/register to register!


COVID-19 Safety Measures

What has been put into place to ensure our safety on our Church premises?

We are dedicated to the safety of you and your family and we want to ensure that you have a safe church experience!

  • Everyone entering the building will be required to register
  • Hand sanitisation stations are set up throughout the church for you to perform regular hand hygiene.
  • You will also see communication throughout the church, reminding us of how to do church safely
  • We will completing thorough cleaning in-between every service
  • We are limiting touch points as much as possible
Will thermometers be used to check temperatures?

Temperature checks will not be mandatory for entrance to church as per DHHS guidelines.

Will you contact us if you find out someone had COVID-19 and attended a church service?

Yes. Our COVID warden will inform DHHS if we are notified that someone who attended a service tested positive for COVID.  Following this, we will partner with DHHS and assist them with anything they need to keep our community and the wider community safe and healthy.

 Can we still mingle before and after services?

As per DHHS guidelines, we will be encouraging mingling to occur outside on the front lawn of the church.  Due to the capacity of people allowed on church grounds (150 – inclusive of children) we do ask that you only arrive 5-10minutes before church. This will allow us to maintain a balance of numbers on site.

Will we be allowed to sing in the service?

You will be allowed to sing in the service. Please ensure your mask is kept on at all times when you are inside.

Are masks to be worn throughout the service?

Whenever you are inside you are required to wear a mask, unless you have a medical exemption.  When outside and unable to maintain 1.5m distance from others outside of your household, please ensure you are wearing a mask.